My name is Kuba and most 
of the time I do 3D magic or something else related to architecture.

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YUGO - Warte (prod. by jue) for  Traktor&SOVISO

“Manner is a traditional company and is one of the best-known brands from Austria worldwide. However, as a tourist magnet and figurehead for Austria, Manner has been pushed into the background by the younger target group among Austrians. The well-known rapper Jugo Ürdens, who grew up in Vienna's 16th district with "the smell of Manner wafers in his nose", is a self-confessed Manner wafers fan. Jugo Ürdens produced a song together with Manner in which he raps about Vienna and his youth. The entire video is in Manner pink and the slices appear again and again in various forms, as they are/were an important part of his” youth.”

Year: 2018

I was responsible for the whole 3D stuff happening in the video. From modelling of a Manner slice to animate a dissolving passport. It was big fun doing this, as I also enjoy his music a lot.