My name is Kuba and most 
of the time I do 3D magic or something else related to architecture.

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Steiermark Schau 2023 for MVD

Right after my graduation I became in charge of designing the main exhibition space of the Steiermark Schau 2023 for MVD. Besides of all the interesting stuff happening in the exhibition with the focus on biodiversity, I was lucky to have my first parametric structure built for a period of 10years. The main goal was to design a tree like display which connects, holds, separates and suspends all the artifacts of the exhibition space. Together with Werkraum we designed a special CNC milled joint which holds the structure together while only relying on friction and some hemp cables. So after ten years one can basically reuse the parts and build something else out of it.

Year: 2023

An installation made of oak wood forms the basis for the House of Biodiversity, It is simultaneously a display, infrastructure and exhibit. Skillfully and without interfering with the listed building, a system of branches, trunks and roots is created from 320 milled connectors, which supports almost all the elements of the exhibition.

© Wolfgang Thaler
©Wolfgang Thaler
©Wolfgang Thaler