My name is Kuba and most 
of the time I do 3D magic or something else related to architecture.

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While those images could become visual vocabularies or mood boards that can clearly and very successfully help define a formal design language and inspire creativity, they currently do not cover other critical design factors such as site-specific variables or structural engineering aspects and so on.  I strongly believe in it’s already proven power in storytelling abilities. Combined with 3D animation tools such as depth estimation and game engines, these scenarios can be open up and made accessible to help in crafting and envisioning new stories and experiences we hardly can image. 

What impact do AI-generated representations have on the design process and the perception of an architectural approach, resulting in a dilution of unique visual biases?

Year: 2024

However, the approach also touches upon a significantly unexplored technique that still needs to be investigated further, like prompting or prompt engineering. There is this black box nature of neural networks means that we don’t know how all the neurons work together to arrive to the final output, but chances are more likely if we know our dataset, and it’s vocabulary to point our output in the right direction.

Furthermore, a very fascinating aspect for me are the ‘mistakes’ or the dubiousness in the merging process of individual objects. Failures, glitches, anomalies where the AI uncover itself and shows its “not knowing” properly . Shadows become objects, stairs turn into balconies or other mysterious surfaces, items often are out of human scale and obtain anti-human characteristics. For whom, or what, could those structures be? In what ways can we learn from it?

I trained a couple of models based on my architectural journey over the past 7 years. It’s important to know your aim and category you are in, in my case I divided my dataset in 4 parts. One was base on my 3d models, the other on my physical build models, then drawings and finally photographs of trips we did with the university.

based on my 3d model Lora
based on my drawing Lora
based on my model-building Lora
Here I tried to envision a more complex environment based on a Brazilian Favela structure, crossed with multiple models of mine to dicover more variety in this informal architecture.