My name is Kuba and most 
of the time I do 3D magic or something else related to architecture.

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Jakob Jakubowski

+43 69918103342

Bräuhausgasse 6/2/Mag.1
1050 Vienna

Kubakub is the artist name of Jakob Jakubowski, who is an architect, 3D artist and filmmaker from Vienna with a strong interest in motion and sound design. 2022 he graduated in Art and Architecture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and has worked with multiple artists and architects on national and international projects.
Through his education and spare time, the virtual environment became more and more to his playground of expressing himself through the method of storytelling. Since he started shifting his focus from the built environment to the virtual space, his working area shifted too, from architectural offices to the film industry where he had the chance to create various of visual experiences. As Kubakub strongly believes that the virtual realm will play a major role in our future societies, he certainly sees his passion and profession as a heterotrophic medium of emancipatory change.

Besides that, he likes to pet dogs and pizza.