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from architecture as compulsion to the discipline of radical potentiality

HOOD140 is a thesis project in a form of a cinematic journey, that bonds together an interdisciplinary research team consisting of the thesis advisors, exploring a quite familiar, yet uncanny reality of the Neu Marx area – one of the multiple decentralized hoods in the city of Vienna. Embracing the capability of music to communicate the sense of belonging, this project will deal with a new kind of poetry by introducing the character of a narrating DJ and critically transcribing it’s apparatus into the architectural domain.

Project supervisors: Hannes Stiefel & Dominik Strzelec

Year: 2022

The term ‘Homo Separatio’ replaced the notion of ‘Homo Sapiens’, as a dominant form of existence in human societies, while everybody got compelled to become architects of their own augmented environments. The hood’s virtual realms turned into almost permanent retreat territories...for those willing to distance themselves from their grimy everyday lives.
On their pathway, the documentation team comes across numerous temptations for possible realities, which tackle the linearity of a timeline, and ‘the here and now’ results itself into multitudes of feasible scenarios, concurrently present in the hood-scape of the near future.


KitsforKids - workshop with HTL Camillo Sitte
Bookdesign by Anna Krumpholz



Today we face a time of crises and situations of increasing despair, isolation and withdraw into virtual worlds. This new agenda, however, has potential particularly for architects who explore communication through audiovisual storytelling. The music genre formed in the estates of East London called grime (from Flemish grijm, Middle Dutch grime “soot, mask”) will offer a sociocultural base for this project. This music was generally produced by and within a dedicated community, serving as a political weapon that opened up the possibility of a gateway for escape. Playing abroad for the first time, or even reaching new audiences beyond the common youth clubs or the local pirate radio stations was mind-expanding.
Through identification with local surroundings and the urge of young artists to find support and appreciation by the community, grime culture quite often triggered an atmosphere of a neighborhood nationalism. On the other hand, grime often helped to transcend racial segregation, to developing slang as well as a DIY culture and to create a sense of harmony within a harsh and heavily suppressed environment. This strong local identity was a response to and simultaneously a consequence of extreme density or rather an urban claustrophobia, triggered by processes of gentrification, which often left those communities in a politically dictated narrowed ‘ghetto frame of mind’. Embracing the capability of music to communicate the sense of belonging, HOOD140 deals with a new kind of poetry, by mimicking and controlling the character of a narrating DJ while critically transcribing it’s apparatus into architectural methodologies. This project constructs a foresight into possible alternative future societies, based on the culture of hood. It uses different languages, perspectives and lyrics from three MC’s to describe the hood from different distances. In this short mockumentary I treat Neu Marx, an area in Vienna, as a green screen for a hood environment one has never seen before in order to, perhaps, uncover different possibilities for the current moment. My project aims to stir up architectural discipline by appropriating the tasks of a ‘kitbashing’-DJ, with means of a speculative and falsified hood-documentary, discovering the times when everybody is inclined, or even forced, to design spaces on their own.