My name is Kuba and most 
of the time I do 3D magic or something else related to architecture.

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Kinetical & P.tah - Mmmh (prod. by Osive)

What is the role of stories conveyed via green screens for augmentation for changing the way we live today? It was a big challenge to create a video without any strict guideline and to build
up a narrative only based on the lyrics of a song, while the title itself (“Mmmh”)
notably hints towards an expression of enjoying a meal. Nevertheless, I was convinced of the “Mmmh world” as a concept and also as a binding element to my thesis: a story that connects different realities, as erratic as the beat and as diverse as the lyricism of the two grime rappers.

Year: 2020

The video is structured around the use of metaphors that perform as a medium for the numerous threshold’s crossings, translating textual source into image. Altering every single second the visuals point towards specific fragments of the lyrics, highlight or question aspects of meaning, underscore double binds or even sometimes deliberately distract.
The “Mmmh World” is a surreal environment of possibilities that create a portal/gateway/entry for P.tah&Kinetical to prove their ‘bars’ without any boundaries. To watch this interplay in action means to engage with political and social critique but also with an ironic flux of identities, which opens up numerous clashing questions that often can only be recognized after multiple views. This collaging [re]mix of metaphorical devices intends to allow for switching various perspectives and thereby to submerge the viewer into the world of hybrid realities.