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Peaces with for NewSpaceCompany
Dokumentartheaterstück von Kristina S., Nastya K. & Volker Schmidt

Mit Kristina S., Nastya K., Aidana Nurakhimova, Volker Schmidt
Regie Volker Schmidt
Bühne & Kostüm Johannes Weckl
Komposition & Musik Jacob Suske
Video collective
Produktionsleitung Mascha Mölkner
Regieassistenz Cleidy Acevedo
Regiehospitanz Anais Andresen

We were responsable for Video, Live-Compositing und Visuals.
Year: 2024

Nastya and Kristina have known each other for many years from acting school in Moscow and have been close friends ever since. Nastya is Ukrainian, Kristina is Russian. Both were actresses at major theaters in Moscow until 24 February 2022. When the war broke out, they parted ways. Nastya returns to Kyiv, Kristina leaves Moscow for Turkey with her husband. They try to maintain their friendship despite the distance and the insurmountable rifts. Together with Volker Schmidt, they decide to make a documentary theater piece about it. But the longer the discussion lasts, the more the question of how and whether a play of this kind can be realized on stage. Together they struggle to find the right language, ask about their responsibility as theater makers and address the mechanisms of attribution in their environment in Moscow and Kyiv. They reflect on the changes in their living environment and talk about alienation and cohesion, about loneliness, guilt and the joy that one tries to wrest from life despite everything.